Apex Legends datamine uncovers 8 new characters

Mock-up via frozenfroh and Surgent179 on Twitter.

Update: While he didn't specifically reference this information, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette said on Tuesday that players should be cautious when examining datamined info, because "finding this stuff by no means confirms that it’ll ever come out."

Original story: The dataminers are still digging away at Apex Legends, and it looks like one may have struck gold. Seemingly eight new characters have been uncovered, along with icons, concept art and names. The whole list was posted on Reddit, along with the previously leaked Octane and Wattson

Dataminer Shrugtal discovered the unannounced characters, though what their abilities might be remains a mystery. The Octane and Wattson datamine revealed what tricks they have up their sleeves, but it's possible the others are so far off that even Respawn hasn't figured exactly what abilities they'll boast. 

Finding them in the game's files doesn't guarantee that they'll appear, of course, though one of the leaked Legends was already teased in Pathfinder's concept art. If you take a look at the top left, you'll spot one of them on a banner above a Wraith poster. He's got a bit of a cyberpunk, street samurai vibe, and presumably that sword isn't just for decoration.

Respawn hasn't announced any new characters yet, though the first battle pass is predicted to come out today, March 12, along with Octane. It's very much in keeping with a game that got leaked and suddenly appeared in a matter of days. 

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