Neverwinter Control Wizard montage has a lot of fancy hand-waving

Neverwinter Control Wizard

The Control Wizard is Neverwinter's ranged juggler, a useful party member for poking enemies from afar with fingers of ice or a friendly buzz from a lightning bolt. Here's a collection of moments showing off the Wizard's adeptness at blasting away those straying too close, liberal crowd control, and the interpretive dance of casting animations.

It's nice to see more heavy spell use from a magic-based class instead of whipping a silly stick about, and attractive combat is where Cryptic's MMO hopes to stand apart from its crowded fantasy competitors. That's my outsider's opinion, anyway—my class preferences typically involve more sneaky sorts . We talk more Neverwinter in our preview which goes over fighting, balance, and the Foundry quest creation system.

Omri Petitte

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