Netflix reveals Resident Evil series trailer

One of Resident Evil's protagonists
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix loves video game adaptations. From Arcane to The Witcher, the streaming and entertainment service has been going ham on bringing video game stories to its platform. Now its take on Resident Evil has been revealed. 

Netflix has published its first proper look at Resident Evil on YouTube. The show is just plainly called Resident Evil; there are no subheadings like the recent film Resident Evil: Welcome To Racoon City. And actually the trailer is a little tonally different from what you might expect. 

Of course there are zombies—it wouldn't be Raccoon City without them. But wait, this isn't Raccoon City. It's New Raccoon City. The trailer feels reminiscent of Netflix's most recent zombie hit, Army of the Dead. Characters Billie and Jade are brought to New Raccoon City with the promise of a picturesque life. Very quickly, though, it all falls apart thanks to the presence of Umbrella. Oh no, what a surprise. 

From there it looks like there might be quite the futuristic take on the games' premise. London in 2036 is where at least some of the show will take place, and the protagonists will face hordes of zombies and perhaps other atrocities (like mutant rats) in a variety of settings. 

I can't say it looks much like the games we're familiar with. The action portions may give us more of that Resident Evil feeling from 4 or Village once the show is out. But Netflix has been doing a pretty alright job adapting games so far, and with its experience from Army of the Dead we can all hope that at least this is a fun zombie horror for fans of the genre. 

The trailer also reveals the release date of the series, July 14, so this ghoulish show is just around the corner. 

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