Neptune's Pride team to deliver zombie orcs

blight thumb

Blight of the Immortals is a new multiplayer strategy from Iron Helmet, the guys behind Neptune's Pride. It's set in a fantasy universe where everyone is turning into zombies - not just humans, but the orcs, the elves, and the trolls too. It'll be a similar affair - great big slow movements on a giant map, a handful of your friends competing for resources, working together, and stabbing eachother in the back. There's one difference this time: you have a common enemy. The undead.

If there was a reason to stop playing Neptune's Pride, it was because you'd quite like to have some friends left. Because you could wait until your mate had gone to bed and then betray them as they slept, every single request for allegiance, offer of trade, or informal peace treaty agreed on MSN at 2am was worth about as much as a pair of cardboard socks. It made for a few great sessions full of amazing anecdotes, but it also got a bit exhausting.

In this game, with a big horde of zombies threatening all pointy-eared life, there's something to unite against. And, well, if the zombies happen to overrun this town just before the Free Peoples of Elfington get there to crush the undead, then I suppose it'd be a senseless waste to leave all that gold lying around. It could rust, or get eaten!

We'll have more info for you soon. For now, you can ogle their official site .