Neill Blomkamp's Anthem short is out now, but it's actually a trailer

Update: EA has rebranded Conviction—An Anthem Story only an hour after it appeared. Originally advertised as a live action short film featuring new characters and a new story, any mention of 'story' has since been removed. It's now Conviction—An Anthem Trailer. This is definitely more accurate—it's certainly not a short film—but it's bizarre that the change only happened after it went live on YouTube. 

Original story: Neill Blomkamp's Anthem short was only teased and subsequently announced a few days ago, but it's already out now. Conviction—An Anthem Story is set decades before the game, introducing new characters and a new story. Check it out above. 

So… that seemed a lot more like a trailer than a short film. There were some flashy moments amid the loosely connected scenes, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Perhaps this is just a precursor to a more coherent film. BioWare and EA haven't said anything to that effect, but Blomkamp has teased that it might be the start of something larger.

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 Back in 2017, just after Anthem was revealed at E3, Blomkamp tweeted that it "looks so cool", and from that innocuous tweet, the short was (probably) born. 

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