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Need for Speed will have no microtransactions and paid DLC is not planned

Need for Speed

Yesterday saw a significant delay of Need for Speed from November 3 to sometime in the vaguely-defined spring of 2016. That's undoubtedly bad news for anyone looking forward to the sort-of-reboot of EA's long-running street racing series, but an FAQ posted yesterday delivers a hint of silver lining: There will be no microtransactions in the game, and (probably) no paid DLC.

The inclusion of microtransactions seemed likely, or at the very least possible, because Need for Speed requires an internet connection in order to play, even if you just want to do a little solo cruising. But the FAQ is simple and straightforward in dismissing the possibility, stating flat out, "There will be no micro transactions."

Paid DLC is a bit hazier. "We plan to release a series of free content updates for Need for Speed. We currently have no plans for any paid DLC," it says. The phrasing is an out, since plans have a way of changing as the days stretch into weeks and months, but even if paid DLC does end up on the menu, I doubt that many players would mind too terribly much. DLC and microtransactions are two very different things, after all, and I think it's fair to say that the former is generally more palatable than the latter.

Other points of note: Players will be limited to owning a maximum of five cars—"We believe in creating a bond and relationship with your cars"—the police will be present but not playable, and there will be no split-screen multiplayer. Find out the rest at

Thanks, MCV.