Need for Speed Hot Pursuit trailer

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

A rip-snorting new trailer for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has been released, complete with supersonic supercars and face-melting chase sequences.

It's easy to be cynical about another Need for Speed title. It's a series tarnished by some lacklustre recent efforts, but Hot Pursuit is a genuinely exciting prospect. It's being developed by Criterion, the racing maestros behind the superb Burnout series. If this trailer's anything to go by, it looks as though Burnout's sense of speed, danger, and wilful disregard for property has made the transition to the Need for Speed brand.

Freeze frame moments link the racers to nicknames, an indication of one of the social features EA have been hinting at. All we know is that players will take the role of cops and crooks, to be challenged to play tag at a squillion miles per hour. It looks like crooks will be ranked in some way, with one of the racers dubbed 'most wanted'.

Flashes of the Lambourgini and Bugatti logos confirm that there will be licensed vehicles, and based on the Burnout series, they're bound to get crushed, blown up, and spun round really fast until the drivers are sick all over their back-seats during the course of the races. The game's slated for November, and we'll bring you more info from E3.

Tom Senior

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