Need for Speed: Heat will pit you against rogue cops in November

Need for Speed: Heat is the next instalment in EA long-running racing romp, confirming the leak from Australian retailer Gameware. You can watch the reveal trailer above, which gives us a taste of the story but no in-game footage. 

Not for the first time in Need for Speed, the cops are involved, this time a 'rogue police force', though we don't know much about them yet. The trailer is like a recruitment pamphlet for a racing cult, but if winning races and making my car look dope sticks it to rotten cops, I'll join. 

As always, it's got that off-brand Fast and Furious vibe. It was even more evident in the last game, Payback, which was less 'so bad it's good' and more just plain bad. The driving was solid, but the story was at best awkward and the pacing wasn't great, either. Hopefully we'll get a better yarn this time. 

Need for Speed: Heat is due out on November 5 on Origin Access Premier and November 8 for everyone else. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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