Nebuchadnezzar is an Impressions-style city builder coming next year

I'm a sucker for anything remotely evocative of one of Impressions Games' classic city builders, and with Nebuchadnezzar its inspiration couldn't be clearer. I last wrote about it nearly a year ago, back when it was first announced, and finally there's a release date. You'll be able to build your own cities and raise monuments in February. In the meantime, point your eyes at the trailer above. 

There are a lot of modern city builders worth your attention, like Anno 1800, Surviving Mars and, of course, Cities Skylines, but I'll never stop carrying a torch for Caesar, Pharaoh and Zeus. I spent most of my time untangling resources and production chains, but what I remember most clearly are the huge projects, the massive pyramids and temples that dwarfed the cities underneath them. You built these cities so you could then show off with a gargantuan monument. 

Judging by the trailers, Nebuchadnezzar looks like it could comfortably slip into the series, despite the 20-year gap. Indie developer Nepos Games has even managed to capture the aesthetic, though the Impressions city builders were a touch more vibrant and stylised. They aren't as into their cartoons in ancient Mesopotamia. 

Nebuchadnezzar is due out on February 17 via Steam, and you'll be able to pick it up for $20. Ahead of the launch, Nepos is also hosting a closed beta that you can sign up for until November 22 at 10.59 pm GMT/2.59 pm PT. 

Also worth keeping an eye on is Pharaoh: A New Era, a remake of the original Pharaoh. Triskell Interactive is rebuilding it from scratch, with new additions including new 2D art, a new UI and changes to mechanics to drag it into 2020. I'd be content with an HD makeover, but we'll see how all these changes pan out in 2021. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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