Natural Selection 2 trails its "Gorgeous" update

Natural Selection 2 update

Natural Selection 2 is about to get Gorgeous. No, the Kharaa haven't returned from a weekend spa retreat with full facelift and manicure. Instead, the update's title references Gorge tunnels - a new underground transport network the aliens can use to traverse the maps. You can see it in action in the latest trailer. It doesn't look pretty.

A tunnel building ability isn't the only improvement for Gorges. The beasties will also be able to spawn Babblers - small minions that become your personal, chittering army of bug things. And in case the human players are feeling left out, Exosuits get a railgun attachment, which pops aliens in a gooey explosion.

A new map - "Decent" - will support this added carnage. Gorgeous also brings improved graphics, balance tweaks, a new tutorial mode, enhanced map changes and a revamped Insight Spectator System, designed to offer a better viewer experience for esports matches.

The update is due to go live tonight at 11pm GMT, along with a 50% Steam sale for the game.

Phil Savage

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