Natural Selection 2 by the numbers: 144,000 copies sold in first week

Natural Selection 2 post-launch stats

A radar ping interrupts the silence in the bulkhead. The sensor doesn't indicate a direction of the reading—but something lurks out there. Something big . Your squadmates back at base whispered anecdotes about this monstrosity while huddled around chow tables and lockers. A throaty growl rumbles behind you. The hallway's murky emergency lighting flickers. Whirling, you see your doom: a slavering Natural Selection 2 infographic. Biting back panic, you raise your rifle for a final blaze of glory....

Unknown Worlds Entertainment burst its launch week data yesterday from an egg sac in a post on its official website . The first-person multiplayer shooter/strategy hybrid drew a pool of 144,000 owners racking up impressive KIA numbers for both Marines and Skulks—1,255,355 and 1,344,607, respectively.

The chart also divided customers by country with the US leading the pack in total sales. Singaporean gamers purchased the highest amount of deluxe editions. Iceland's denizens participated in the pew-pew with the biggest sales per capita population. Finally, Belgians nabbed more 4-pack purchases than any other country. Slapped together, that's Amerisingalandgium.

Unknown Worlds also announced the European Open Finals taking place in Cologne, Germany on November 10. Teams Exertus and Archaea will run around biting and shooting each other in the face for the throne of best European team. They'll also play some Natural Selection 2. Twitch will offer a stream for viewing when the tournament kicks off 19:00 CET/10:00am PST/1:00pm EST.

Omri Petitte

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