Name an Empire of Sin character and win the Paradox Collection on Steam

Empire of Sin was hiding something in its announcement trailer that the normally eagle-eyed denizens of the internet failed to spot. The mobster strategy game's trailer features a shootout where a bottle of Romero's Rye gets shattered by a bullet. It's hiding a URL.

If you hop on over to, you won't be able to get any booze, but you will find Brenda Romero trapped behind a bar in Galway. And she's got a character that needs a name.  

He'll be a playable character and a ruthless mobster, apparently, and while only one person will get to see their naming skills immortalised in-game, the top ten suggestions will also net their creators the Paradox Interactive Collection, made up of every single Paradox game on Steam. That's almost $1,000 of games.  

A jury of Romero Games and Paradox employees will judge the names and announce the winner in July based on a mystery criteria. I suggest trying to capture his essence. Cut right to the heart of the man. John Tiny-Eyes. Cecil Big-Ears. Maybe be less literal.

To have a chance of naming this burly boy, you can sign up below the video here. That means you'll also be subscribing to the Empire of Sin newsletter. You'll need to submit your name suggestion by July 10, 11:59pm CEST. Here are the terms and conditions. Good luck!

Jim Pipe?

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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