Naked Farmer: a brilliant free shmup/base-building game that lets it all hang out

Call your game Naked Farmer and... you have my attention. You also have my time and my trigger finger, because it turns out this title about a "naked and confused farmer with a gun" offers an inspired combination of Smash TV-style omni-directional shmupping, base defence and, well, farm management. Unlike in Harvest Moon (but just like in Emmerdale), you're a farmer that has to contend with waves upon waves of monsters and evil rivals, all while planting seeds, raising animals and constructing defences to keep your farm safe. There's also that whole naked thing to contend with, which must cause problems when operating heavy machinery.

There's no sound or music yet, but the heart of the game - satisfyingly hectic shooting, construction and base defence - shines through. Be warned, however, that you're going to need a mouse with a wheel, as you don't seem to be able to select the other construction options without one. Be additionally warned that you probably shouldn't do a google search for "Naked Farmer", particularly if you're currently at work.

Here's a video showing how that naked farming works.

Tom Sykes

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