Mugsters is a lovely-looking action puzzler about fighting alien robots and blowing things up

Billed as an "action puzzler filled with cars and aliens", Mugsters marks the debut PC project of Finnish indie developer Riku Tamminen. Having previously worked on a string of mobile games, his latest project—under the banner of Reinkout Games—has now been picked up by Team17. 

In a quest to save the world, Mugsters tasks players with solving puzzles, fighting aliens and rescuing survivors—all within a gorgeous physics-based sandbox world. With over 30 vehicles at your disposal, you're free to take on missions in whichever order you fancy while explosives and traps can be leveraged to best whatever stands in your way. "All the single player campaign missions are fully remixed for full two-player local co-op action," so says Team17.  

Anyway, enough talk, here's some of that in motion:

And here's how Tamminen describes the above:

You can use the dangers lurking in the islands as an advantage on solving your way through obstacles to find all the people being held in vats…yet most of the time it’s smart to simply dodge the dangers chasing you! Blast through walls, jump across large gaps with variety of vehicles, destroy the enemies trying to store you into a pod, fly away with a hot air balloon, encounter enemies with a combine harvester, run, jump and blow things up.

Find a way to the people in need of a savior, collect some crystals along the way and find a vehicle to fly out of the island.

No hard release date just yet, however Mugsters is expected to arrive at some point in 2018. More information can be found via the game's website.