Move over, Discord: FroggieChat is my new messenger of choice

Nat talks to not nat
(Image credit: StupidPlusPlus)

Forget Slack, Discord, or (heaven forbid) Skype. It's time we all moved over to FroggieChat, a free throwback to the best chat client of all—the Nintendo DS's built-in Pictochat.

A "faithful remake" of Pictochat for Windows and Android, FroggieChat is developer StupidPlusPlus' nostalgic gut punch for anyone who grew up with the original Nintendo DS. Painstakingly recreating the look and feel of that delightful little client, the dev has added a few new features—from extra drawing colours to a "suggestion" button for generating drawing prompts.

FroggieChat may intentionally only work over local wifi networks—a deliberate decision, considering the original Pictochat's limitations. But with a theoretical limit of 65535 members per chat room and the magic of virtual networks, I reckon some clever folks out there could set up a viable replacement to conventional chat apps.

FroggieChat is available for free over on Itch, though a $1 "Deluxe" edition will grant you extra drawing colours and a little crown over your name. The free version is also available for Android via Google Play, though I found the in-app keyboard a bit too teensy on a phone screen.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm now off to try convince Future's top brass to ditch Slack in favour of a PC Gamer FroggieChat lobby. 

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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