Mousey RPG Ghost of a Tale is out today

Ghost of a Tale is an action RPG about Tilo, a mouse minstrel searching for his lover Merra in a world populated exclusively by (freaking adorable) animals. Quite frankly, mouse musician is all I need to hear, but there's also this little tidbit: Ghost of a Tale is now available on Steam for $25.  (opens in new tab)

You might find it odd that a game about a mouse—mice generally not being known for their CQC or swordsmanship—is an action RPG. You'd be right, which is why Tilo's adventure focuses on "stealth elements, disguises, conversations with allies and enemies, and quests," according to developer SeithCG. It's more about exploring the world than cutting your way through it, and the studio reckons it will take you up to 20 hours to experience everything Ghost of a Tale has to offer. 

As previously reported, (opens in new tab) Ghost of a Tale had a hell of a time making it here. SeithCG launched its successful Indiegogo campaign in 2013 and released its first trailer in 2014, but delayed its initial 2015 release date and wound up releasing an Early Access version in 2016. Last year, a tentative 2018 release was announced. The studio only recently committed to a day, but here we are. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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