Morrowind Rebirth 3.8 released, adds Morag Tong armour

Morrowind marked my introduction to the Elder Scrolls series way back in 2002, and, as I'd never played anything like it at the time, it's held a special place in my heart since. Similar sentimentality is shared by many others, and there is in fact a whole community of intuitive modders keeping the now 14-year old game alive by way of all sorts of modifications. Morrowind Rebirth is one of them, and it’s just launched its latest update—version 3.8. 

Where previous updates have added things like toilets, the latest patch focuses on the more pressing elements of Rebirth. Regular rats, for example, are no longer hostile, and on the off-chance you encounter an angry irregular one, your minimal run speed/initial starting speed has been upped from 115 to 120. Low-level Dark Brotherhood assassins are now stronger than before, and travel costs for using boats, stilt striders, and mages guild travel services have risen. 

Speaking of guilds, it’s now possible to nab yourself a full set of Morag Tong armour free-of-charge by visiting the Morag Tong Guild Halls. “These pieces are not given for free until you've reached the rank ‘Brother’,” warns the update blurb. “Unless you find a set somewhere in the game world that is…”

New unique items include the Ring of Blind Faith and the Nightbane sword—the latter of which you might fancy using against the new Earth Atronach creature. 

Full details of the update’s new features, which includes the standard list of bug fixes, can be found via the mod’s ModDB page. If you plan on downloading, let me ask: what is it that brings you back to Morrowind time and time again?