Lore alert: The Elder Scrolls Online's Daggerfall Covenant detailed

ZeniMax Online has opened the new year with more answers to the community's understandably endless questions about the Elder Scrolls Online. The most recent batch of revelations concerns the Daggerfall Covenant, one of the three player factions that comprises the Redguard, the Orcs, and the Bretons. While my true Nord brothers and sisters in the Ebonheart Pact probably only need to know: "Where are they?" and "Which axe should I bring?," knowing our enemies a bit better couldn't hurt.

One question that has been on many minds is why the orcs would ally themselves with the human Redguard and Bretons. To put it mildly, they haven't exactly gotten along swimmingly in the past.

"As a race, the Orcs have what we would call an inferiority complex," the devs explained. "They've been kicked around Tamriel and looked down upon by the other races since the beginning of time, and they crave respect. It was a big deal for the Orcs when, in relatively recent history, Orsinium was finally admitted into the Second Empire as a full province. The clans that have joined the Daggerfall Covenant remember that period of recognition, and seek to revive it."

Also a touchy subject among the factions of the covenant is the fact that a lot of orcs worship a Daedric Prince. That stands in pretty stark contrast to the values of most of Tamriel's other races.

"And Orcish leaders, such as King Kurog, emphasize that the Orcs of Orsinium worship Mauloch, who absolutely isn't a Daedric Prince at all, honest," the team was quick to point out. "It's those other Orcs who worship the Daedra Lord Malacath."

Well, okay then. I guess that makes sense. I mean, their names don't even sound alike. Carry on!

You can read more in the full Q&A .