First look at Elder Scrolls Online's three factions in new trailer


We've known a little bit about the three player factions in Elder Scrolls Online, but the new trailer released today shows them for the first time. We've got the video inside, along with a brief recap of what we know about them so far.

Ebonheart Pact

Represented at 0:22 in the video by a Nord warrior, this faction also includes the Dunmer and Argonian species. The three groups were essentially forced to unite under a single banner to survive against invading forces. Their lands are easily the most recognizable to recent Elder Scrolls fans: they reside in Skyrim, Morrowind, and a bunch of poisonous swamplands you'd be best off avoiding.

Aldmeri Dominion

The faction of choice for drug addicts, dangerous ego-maniacs, and furries alike shows up next as a high-elf Altmer wizard showcases some green sparkly magic at 0:30. The other two factions may just be happy surviving, but the Aldmeri Dominion—made up of the high elf Altmer, the cat-like Khajiit, and the wood elf Bosmers— wants to conquer the world and rule over everything on it. Their mix of forests, rainforests, and jungles are also home to Moon Sugar and Skooma, the main drugs in Elder Scrolls games.

Daggerfall Covenant

The Bretons, Orcs, and Redguards have fought each other for centuries and have slowly learned to respect and like one another. Their deserts, hills, and grasslands are marked by relative peace and democratic rule. They're shown to be a bit on the shadowy side in the video, represented by a dark archer at 0:39. On a personal note, I've decided that this is the most boring faction and will quietly judge anyone that picks it. It features not only one, but two different types of humans! But hey, if you're into escaping into a fantasy game just to play as the most boring character around—by all means.