Monster Prom 2, a game about competitive monster dating, has easily blitzed its Kickstarter goal

Released early last year, Monster Prom was a multiplayer dating sim about hooking up with monsters. The visual novel was special for at least two reasons: one, it was a game about hooking up with monsters. Two, the multiplayer aspect was neat, pitting players against one another in order to win the affection of their preferred monster crush.

Now the same studio, Beautiful Glitch, has announced Monster Prom 2 via a Kickstarter campaign. The sequel is pretty much guaranteed at this stage: the campaign has attracted $154,212 at time of writing, with a goal of just $36,000. But aside from the name, Monster Prom 2 is a bit of a departure from the original, because it's actually three games in one.

These are Summer Camp, Winter Retreat and Roadtrip. The first is a fairly straightforward dating sim heavily reminiscent of the first game, the second is... a strategy snowball fight, while the third is structured as a road trip with a few survival mechanics. No matter which you play, there will be monsters to fall in love with.

The list of stretch goals and gift incentives are of Tolstoyan proportion–you can check it all out on the Kickstarter page. You've still got 28 days to back the project, and there's even a playable demo on the Kickstarter page if you need further convincing. Here's the trailer:

Shaun Prescott

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