Mojang's Scrolls is profitable after one week in open beta

Mojang CEO Carl Manneh announced on Twitter last week that, after one week in open beta, upcoming collectible card game Scrolls has already recovered its entire development cost. " The game is profitable!” Manneh wrote . After a long development process and lengthy alpha testing phase, Scrolls was released to open beta on June 3.

The Swedish development team was founded using profits from the outrageously successful Minecraft , which recently hit the milestone of 10 million copies sold . With this pedigree of commercial success, the team might have been prepared for such a positive reception already. Still, I'm sure it's a relief that Scrolls is taking shape and Minecraft wasn't just a fluke.

Mojang will also apparently be adding microtransactions to the game, but they insist they will be restricting them to cosmetic purchases only, and not as part of a pay-to-win structure. Knowing the outspoken and involved Mojang fanbase , I have no doubt that a lot of players will be buying into that as well.

If you have a private island to sell, now might be the time to tell Mojang founder Notch about it. I hear he's got some cash to burn.