Mojang's next game "won't have the viral success of Minecraft." Normal company would "probably do Minecraft 2" instead

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We've been catching up with Minecraft developer Notch and his fellow programmer Jakob Porser at GDC this week. The two have been elaborating on their current project Scrolls: a turn-based strategy based on collectable card games. The pair, whilst clearly excited about the game's prospects, are being pretty realistic when it comes to the title's success in comparison to the incredible success of Minecraft. Read on for the details.

"I'm sure we will not have anything as close as viral to the success of Minecraft obviously, it's whole other type of game," said Porser. He even went so far as to say "I'm sure there's going to be a lot of people disappointed in this game because it's not a Minecraft kind of game."

But the threat of Scrolls being neither as virally successful nor as immediately embraced by the community still hasn't put the two off trying out new ideas. "We get a lot of stuff right now because of Minecraft. It's very important to remind ourselves that we're here to do the games that we really love, and we really want to do ourselves" added Porser.

For those who were hoping for another Minecraft, Notch is only working on the original right now alongside supporting Scrolls. "At a normal company we'll probably do Minecraft 2, but [Scrolls] is a game I really want to make instead" explained Notch.