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Jane Jensen's Moebius now has a demo, full game out April 15th

Sad Update: I've been informed that Moebius' secretive organisation is no longer called F.I.S.T. It is now called F.I.T.A. I don't know how to process this information.

Jane Jensen's Moebius is out soon, and to coincide with the occasion there is now a Jane Jensen's demo to keep us Jane Jensen's occupied in the meantime. The demo gives us the opportunity to step into the sharp-suited, beanpole body of one Malachi Rector (not pictured above), who just might be the best-named game character this side of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's intemperate villain 'Hot Coldman'. Expect to click on things, talk to people, and save a handsome man from hanging in order recruit him to your globe-hopping mystery squad - it's all in a day's work at the following link .

Moebius is an apparently quite deliciously campy science fiction adventure game featuring murder, intrigue, ninjas, and a secretive organisation labouring under the not-entirely-subtle acronym F.I.S.T. FIST! FIST. The latest trailer, below, suggests that it isn't taking itself entirely seriously.

Moebius is out April 15th. (Ta, RPS .)