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Battlefield 3

Someone on the internet has been a sneaky, sneaky snake. If you type into your browser, you'll find yourself redirected to the Battlefield 3 home page. CVG report that the domain name was registered by a private user, so it could be EA, or a Battlefield fan pulling a fast one over Activision. Many will see it as the latest happening in a war of words between the two publishers over the two giant shooter franchises.

There's more than three months to go until Battlefield 3 is released on October 25. If the EA/Activision conflict escalates at the same rate over the coming months then the two publishers could end up taking arms and doing battle on the streets of LA. Why can't everyone just be friends? The two teams could merge and release Modern Battlefield 4: War of Warfare and rule the sales charts forever.

Call of Duty players can get some practice in for that at the upcoming Call of Duty XP live event , which will let ticket holders fight in a life-sized Modern Warfare 2 map, recreated as a paintball arena. Battlefield 3 fans can study the new class system and watch some tanks tear up a desert.

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