Modders are revitalising Mass Effect 3 for N7 Day

It’s N7 Day tomorrow, the annual celebration of all things Mass Effect. It’s also the release date for five big mod updates that each change a significant chunk of Mass Effect 3. I confess that it’s not a game that I really thought about modding, but these actually sound pretty great. 

First off, there’s Priority Earth Overhaul Mod, which fiddles around with Mass Effect 3’s last mission—everything from changes to enemy spawns to completely new cutscenes. The update will be the second of three stages. “The first patch will include War Asset representation in the Hub, new action scenes, randomized Reaper behavior, level design improvements and a complete overhaul of level streaming,” writes the team. 

Expanded Galaxy Mod is broader, restoring, reworking and adding new stuff like weapons, armour and missions across the entire game. A new war assets system comes comes with the N7 Day update, along with general bug fixes and tweaks.

The Omega and Ark mods are from the team behind Expanded Galaxy Mod, augmenting Omega Station and the multiplayer, respectively. The former essentially gives you a new hub, letting you return to Omega and see how it’s changed post-liberation. Ark, meanwhile, throws some new Hazard maps and enemies into the mix. 

I don’t think I’ve ever given a second thought to Mass Effect 3’s Spectre terminal, but Tydeous, the modder behind Spectre Expansion Mod, definitely has. This mod aims to improve the Shadow Broker and Spectre terminals, expanding them with details that flesh out the galaxy and the conflict consuming it. The galaxy map is larger, there are combat mission additions and there’s even a new quest in development.

With BioWare deep into Anthem, it looks like it will be an otherwise quiet N7 Day, so if you’re getting nostalgic for Shepard’s adventures, some updated mods might be the best way to dive back into Mass Effect’s galaxy.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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