Mod turns Rocket League into a tornado-filled 120-car war

Bakkesmod Rocket League battle royale.
(Image credit: Psyonix)

Bakkesmod is a longstanding and popular third-party Rocket League mod, mainly used by the community for training, video editing, and then a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. For a while it's had a Multi-Car plugin, allowing users to populate matches with tonnes of bot cars. And now it looks like there are PCs capable of taking this to extremes.

I first saw a 20 versus 20 Rumble match yesterday (the Rumble mode adds weapons and hazards), but now one Marco Frantz aka Antonyo has managed to create and more impressively run a match containing 120 cars. For clarity's sake, this is not multiplayer: it's one human and 119 bot cars.

Wow! Holy Cow! And so on. 

"I have the Bakkesmod installed and whenever I run the game the mod starts by default," Antonyo told PCG. "Then I installed the MultiBot plug in which allows you to add basically as many bots as you can, in my case I added 60 bots in each team, enabled friendly fire and the normal Rumble settings. That's how I got all the chaos going.

"Although even having quite a beefy computer to handle that, I wasn't getting more than 30fps haha, and soon after the first goal was scored my game just froze and shut itself down."

Needless to say the internet petition for an official Rocket League: 120 Player Battle Royale mode would begin here, if I thought my PC would have any chance of surviving the experience.

Rich Stanton

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