Mod turns Jedi Academy into a fighting game

Jedi Fighter

When LucasArts was devoured by the House of Mouse, Jedi Academy developer Raven released the game's source code as a memorial of sorts. The result of their gift is mods of unusual ambition. Sure, you can add Thomas the Tank Engine to Fallout, but can you make Thomas a character in a 2D fighting game variant of Fallout? Skew's Jedi Fighter for Jedi Academy does the Star Wars equivalent.

Jedi Fighter turns five key locations from Jedi Academy sideways, from the aftermath of the battle of Hoth to turbolifts in the Death Star, and tweaks them to serve as ideal arenas for 10 expanded universe characters to duke it out it, each with their own moveset.

To play, you'll need to install Jedi Academy, the OpenJK engine and the Jedi Fighter beta 2 mod. It's a work in progress, scheduled for completion in June, with new characters including the cast of The Force Awakens to come before it's done.