Mod for The Witcher 3 lets Geralt use shields

I've never really played much of The Witcher series, but it seems like in a world full of swords, axes, and whistling arrows; a fellow might want to protect himself with a big, thick hunk of wood and metal. Now, thanks to a mod for The Witcher 3, simply called Shields, Geralt can finally use what his enemies probably take for granted. The shields—there are dozens to choose from, representing all the factions in the game—aren't just cosmetic, they really work. Check out the demo video above to see them in action.

I dunno if this is lore-friendly—perhaps there's some deep-rooted reason Geralt doesn't use shields in the first place—but he looks like a real badass holding a shield and it's always cool to have a bunch of arrows sticking out of your shield after a battle, right? That's good enough for me.

The mod can be configured from the options menu, and there's also a nice selection of hoods, robes, cloaks, and armor included. Below, check out some screens—enlarge 'em by clicking the top right corner, because they look frankly fantastic—as well as a full list of the shields, hoods, and armor the mod adds and where you can buy them.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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