Mists of Pandaria's Pandaren mount, daily quest cap and Tier 14 armor sets revealed


The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria news has grown from a trickle to a scenic, Kung Fu movie waterfall lately. More details of the upcoming expansion flow down a picturesque mountainside into a... place where my metaphor starts to fall apart. Among these are the revelation of the long-speculated-upon Pandaren racial mount, the imposing polygons of the next tier of raid armor, and a huge boost to the number of daily quests you can complete in 24 hours.

The Pandaren will be riding Dragon Turtles, a species that dates back to Warcraft II and is traditionally associated with the Horde. Yes, this does indeed mean that you may, at some point, be chased across a PvP battleground by a panda with a sword riding a giant, armored turtle that can run as fast as a horse. Such is life in World of Warcraft.

In addition, WoW's Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton announced that the cap on repeatable daily quests a player can accept is going away completely. Pandaria is set to feature "literally hundreds" of dailies at the new level cap of 90, and the designers have decided not to artificially restrict how many of those hundreds you can do in a given day. Just remember, there is a thing called "outside," and your family probably misses you.

In addition, the latest beta build contains the art files for some of the new armor sets. From left to right: Druid Tier 14, Hunter Tier 14, Warlock Challenge Mode