Miniature Market has miniatures for sale much cheaper than official retailers

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It's not often you see tabletop miniatures for sale at a decent price, and you usually have to look further than the official models if you're playing a popular game. I don't know anyone who plays Wrath of Kings, the miniatures game Kickstarted (opens in new tab) by the people behind Cool Mini Or Not (opens in new tab), but its figures look like they'd a decent fit for certain other fantasy games, and can be found significantly cheaper than the official ones. Especially during Miniature Market's annual Black Friday sale (opens in new tab).

Take a look at the House Teknes starter box, whose mix of pigmen and armored warriors would make ideal orcs and town guards in a D&D game. You also get what looks like a gnome riding a kangaroo and a guy with an octopus on his head? It's 30 neat-looking plastic plastic toy soldiers and it's reduced from $70 to $8 (opens in new tab). Or check out the House Shael Han starter box, which packs in spear-wielding dominatrices, tusked warriors who don't believe in shirts or shoes, and some kung-fu dudes with knives. It's basically a couple of Warhammer witch elves, some orcs, and a start on the Cathay army, only it's the same $8 (opens in new tab) instead of whatever arm and a leg Games Workshop charges for 24 minis these days.

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Here's some kind of bat-wolf monster for $3 (opens in new tab), down from $35, and a gnome piloting a pair of robotic legs for $1.50 (opens in new tab), down from $20. Either of those would liven up your next D&D session. I'm not sure you'd get as much use out of these half-naked BDSM fanatics (opens in new tab), but you get 14 of them in a box for $4. If all that inspires you to actually try Wrath of Kings, the rulebook is reduced from $39.99 to $5 (opens in new tab).

If you prefer the premium, pre-painted official minis, Miniature Market has those too, with a D&D red dragon half-price at $50, and a black dragon for the same. Just a little pricier, but I suppose it'll get you to the minimum $99 for free shipping in the US faster. The sale lasts until November 30.

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