Minecraft iPhone port will be "more of a spin off of Minecraft" created by "another developer"

Minecraft iPhone

During an interview with PC Gamer at GDC yesterday Notch confirmed that a different developer will be taking charge of the iPhone and iPad versions of Minecraft.

Notch announced that iPhone and iPad versions of the massively successful game were in development a few weeks ago. Read on for the new details.

"We're doing like the iPad/iPhone Apple port of Minecraft, but another developer is doing it," said the developer.

However, don't expect to find the port on the App Store any time soon. "We've barely started. We know we're going to do it and vaguely how we could do it. One of our focuses is we just don't port the game over and say "Hey this is Minecraft", but to make something that makes sense for that platform. There are a bunch of different ways to do that; the ability to look down on your levels or have a different version of the game that makes sense [to the iOS platform] where you don't have to avoid dangerously fast arrows. You won't be able to play that on the subway!"

He added: "It's more of a spin-off of Minecraft the more I think of it. That's about as far as we've got. We've had a couple of companies approach us to show us how it could be done but we haven't written a single line of code yet."

Would you be interested in playing Minecraft on an Apple device, by a different devloper? Would you rather see it on Android? Or will you remain a PC purist? Let us know in the comments.