Minecraft-esque shooter Ace of Spades expands, marches for Steam

Runescape overlords Jagex have announced their latest title: multiplayer FPS Ace of Spades , which mixes Minecraft-style building and blockiness with team-based killing for up to 32 players. If the name rings a bell, that's because it's a prettified and expanded version of an indie game we were playing over a year ago . That's now being described as the "prototype" version, this new one featuring cleaner visuals, double the players, and "tons of insane game modes". Oh and it's heading to Steam this December.

The following trailer (of the old version) should give you a good idea of how Ace of Spades plays. Its defining feature is the building/destruction element, which lets you carve your own trenches and cover. If that sounds agreeable you can make the wait to December more bearable by getting hold of the original , which is still available to play online.

Tom Sykes

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