Minecraft 1.4 has landed. Minecraft item store is live

Minecraft Store

The update that Notch promised earlier this week has arrived. Minecraft 1.4 adds wolves. They can be tamed and will follow you around. Sleeping in a bed will turn that bed into a spawn point. The update also adds pink sheep, more flowers and mushrooms and the almost invincible "Steve Co. Supply Chest" block. Keys for the crate can be bought at the all-new new Minecraft Store , to unlock some impressive new items.

New items available in the store include keys for the Steve Co. Supply Chests, miner's helmets and name change tokens. Also on offer, the ultimate counter to the exploding Creeper menace, a Creeper saddle. Putting enough items in your basket will also give you a special reward.

RPS have the full patch notes, courtesy of Minepedia .

  • Bobbing has changed

  • New pixelated Minecraft logo (no longer 3D blocks)

  • Added tameable wolves

  • Added Cookies

  • Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position

  • Sneaking while climbing will hang on to the ladder

  • Spiders will no longer trample crops

  • Sheep spawn in more colors, however rarely. (Brown, Pink)

  • Movement in flowing water is slower.

  • Flowers and Mushrooms are more common.

  • Cocoa Beans can be found in Dungeon chests.

  • Wheat grows more quickly.

  • The new default hotkey for the inventory is 'e'.

  • Wolves will teleport to you if they are too far away from you if it's not sitting.

  • Added new block, Locked Chest, also known as Steve Co. Supply Chest, same skin as chest, gives Team Fortress 2 type message box when right clicked, emits light, cannot be broken, can be destroyed by explosions.

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