Developer IPKeys licenses Unreal Engine 3 for military training simulations

IPKeys Technologies, creator of government-contracted military simulators, announced today that it has partnered with Epic to produce its next batch of tools. The use of Unreal Engine 3 should ensure that troops will be training in good looking virtual environments with excellently rendered bulging neck muscles, if IPKeys so chooses. More importantly, the engine has allowed them to include a very flexible mission editor that could open up new possibilities for PC gaming's hardcore milsim set.

IPKeys flagship product, IGAME, is designed to simulate scenarios involving IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), but the bullet points for the program's mission creator reveal its very broad potential in the hands of modders:

  • Rapid Authoring Interactive 3D Scenarios; No Programming Required
  • Physics-Based Simulation Environment
  • Open Environment Allowing Scenarios with Virtually No Restrictions
  • Rapidly Game IED/C-IED Systems in a Variety of Different Environments
  • Streamlined, Intuitive User Interface
  • Modify System Properties "On-The-Fly" to Quickly Iterate "What If" Conditions
  • Open-Ended Authoring Structure Offering the Freedom to Safely Experiment within Straightforward or Complex Multi-Tiered Scenarios
  • Scenarios Can Be Easily Saved and Reloaded to Rapidly Iterate through “What If” Scenarios

We don't have any info on a civilian retail license for the software yet, but if we do ever get our hands on it, IGAME could be a competitor to Bohemia's long-dominant Arma franchise.