Might and Magic X - Legacy gets late January release date

Limbic and Ubisoft's Might & Magic revival (not to be confused with Heroes of Might and Magic, Might & Magic: Heroes, or Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes) will release in January, it has just been excitingly announced. How January, exactly? Why, January the 23rd - also known in the UK as Crap, I Should Really Have Done My Tax Return By Now Day. It is still a little hard to believe that modern day Ubisoft is releasing an old-fashioned, turn-based, assassin-less, PC-only RPG - but now we only have a few weeks left to see whether they've sneakily shoved in an animus or something.

Ubisoft (and of course the game's developers Limbic Entertainment) are quite keen on you enjoying Might & Magic X, which is why they implemented an interesting 'open development' scheme shortly after the game's reveal. For the past few months you've been able to vote on various aspects of development - so if it all turns out pear-shaped, you only have yourselves to blame. The game has also been available to purchase in advance for the last few months - on Steam or via Uplay - granting you access to an early development build. If you've waited this long, however, it might be best to hold out a little longer until reviews/impressions of the final game hit - Legacy could still turn out to be a load of old bobbins for all we know.

So yes. Might & Magic X is out January 23rd . You can see some of the developers talking about this below.

Tom Sykes

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