Midnight Suns is back on track with a new December release date

Marvel's Midnight Suns has had a rocky year. The superhero-meets-XCOM-meets-card-game from Firaxis was meant to be out in March, but ended up delayed to October, and then to an unspecified time in publisher 2K's fiscal year ending March 2023. But now it looks like it'll squeak into this year after all: a new trailer for Midnight Suns during Disney's D23 expo dropped a fresh release date of December 2, 2022.

The trailer above shows familiar heroes, including Blade, Spider-Man and Wolverine in combat, and a few snippets of what you'll get up to in between missions, including chatting with other members of your squad. You'll create your own character in Midnight Suns, but most if not all of the big names from the MCU films seem to be here: Iron Man, Captain America and Dr. Strange show up in the trailer, too. 

I have to say that I'm unconvinced by the pre-order bonus Midnight Suns is shilling at the end of that trailer—I really don't need Dr. Strange's red Defenders skin, thank you. But I'm still curious about Midnight Suns, especially after the extra time it's taken Firaxis to get it out the door.

Aesthetically it feels like all the characters are stuck wearing the ugly 2003 costumes from some failed comic crossover, but Firaxis trying its hand at blending an RPG and a strategy game that's "the complete opposite of XCOM" sure seems like it'll do at least a few things that surprise me.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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