Middle-earth: Shadow of War stream teases otherworldly brawls, PC graphics settings

When our James got to grips with Middle-earth: Shadow of War at last month's E3 he described it as a "violent Tolkien fan-fiction generator" whose "new tools at every level make for unpredictable, dramatic, and memorable encounters." Developer Monolith held a livestream this weekend that showcased some of the above, and also offered a glimpse at the Shadow of Mordor follow-up's PC settings. 

Within the section of in-game footage featured below, Talion is hot on the heels of the forest-dwelling Carnan—the spirit of nature—which sees our hero battling a number of powerful otherworldly beasts, each of which is powered by Carnan's evil soul. 

Some of the battles look pretty neat as QA analyst Ellie Knapp adopts a range of attacking strategies that include a mixture of hands-on melee and at range bow and arrow fare. Most interestingly, the stream offers a quick peek at Shadow of War's PC graphics settings around the 2.35 mark. Check it out: 

It's the briefest of glimpses, however we can see the demo above is running on an Nvidia Titan X at 4K at 60FPS. Likewise, graphics settings are set to 'Custom' whereby Lighting Quality is 'high', and Mesh Quality, Shadow Quality, Texture Filtering and Texture Quality are set at 'ultra'. 

Blink and you'll miss it, but it seems Shadow of War is shaping up pretty nicely ahead of its October 10 launch later this year.

Thanks, PC Invasion