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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gets another free DLC bundle

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Middle-Earth:Shadow of Mordor: Power of Defiance

Warner Bros. Interactive is giving away another free Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor DLC pack, this one called the Power of Defiance bundle. It's not a particularly huge collection of stuff—a skin, a rune, and a new challenge mode—but hey, it's free.

The new Epic Rune, Defiant to the End, grants an additional Last Chance to return to combat, while the Test of Defiance Challenge Mode has players square off against Sauron's Warchiefs without the power of the Wraith. Finally, the new skin allows players to become Lithariel, the Commander of the Tribesmen of Nurn and daughter of Lady Marwen, Queen of Nurn, who threw an assist to Talion during the events of Shadow of Mordor.

In case you missed it the first time around, this is actually the second "Power of" DLC freebie Warner has released for Shadow of Mordor. The Power of Shadow, which includes three Epic Runes and a Black Hand skin, came out last month. The Power of Defiance bundle arrives today—it might even be out by the time you ready this—as a free update on Steam.

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