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Microsoft may be showing off new Windows 10 features in January event

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Windows 10

Microsoft will detail the consumer features of Windows 10 at an event in January, according to The Verge. The event isn't official yet, but Verge reporter Tom Warren has a strong track record of reliable Microsoft news.

While we got our first glimpse at Microsoft's followup to Windows 8 earlier this year, the January event—a separate press event from the company's appearance at CES earlier in the month—should shed much more light on the actual features of the new OS.

What we know already is that Windows 10 will feature a user experience with a more traditional desktop/taskbar/Start menu layout similar to Windows 7, but beyond that, it looks a whole lot like Windows 8. But beyond that, not much. It's designed to run across multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One. Another big feature to discuss is the company's new touch interface, currently dubbed 'Continuum,' which was designed with devices like Surface Pro 3 in mind.

But beyond those few kernels, we don't know much about Windows 10. The January event (which we expect to have more details about in the coming month) should change that.