Remedy is working on the singleplayer campaign for CrossFire X, aka 'Korea's Counter-Strike'

CrossFire is a free-to-play tactical shooter with a massive player base in Asia. During Microsoft's E3 press conference today, Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft has partnered with developer Smilegate to bring a version of the game, called CrossFire X, to the Xbox in 2020. Presumably, that also means a release for us on the Xbox store or Steam. 

Check out the trailer above. It's kind of hard to explain what CrossFire X is based on all that, but Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad describes the original as "Korean Counter-Strike."

This doesn't quite look like Counter-Strike, but it's a cinematic sort of reveal, so who knows? Several years ago, we heard that Remedy was helping develop the story mode for CrossFire's sequel, CrossFire 2, and haven't heard much since. Looks like that's still on, but it isn't clear that this is that. The 'X' seems to represent its move to Xbox, not that it's a sequel. Maybe it's the HD version also mentioned?

(Update: Yep, Remedy is working on the campaign for this.)

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We also didn't hear for sure that we're getting a PC release, but the big news for Microsoft is that it's coming to a console for the first time, so presumably it's not leaving PC. We'll update this article when we know more.

Tyler Wilde
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