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Microsoft Flight Simulator is recruiting for the technical alpha

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (opens in new tab) will be taking off for its first public test flight soon, in the form of its first external technical alpha. Recruitment for the alpha has already kicked off, with members of the Insider programme able to register by filling out a qualification survey (opens in new tab)

All you need to join the Insider programme is a Microsoft account, and then you can sign up here (opens in new tab). As well as alpha and, eventually, beta registration, Insiders get early glimpses of the game through exclusive videos and screenshots, along with access to the roadmap and additional game details. 

Insiders who sign up for the technical alpha aren't guaranteed a spot, as Microsoft will be picking pilots based on the survey and the DxDiag that you have to send. If you don't get picked this round, however, you might still get a chance to play when Microsoft adds more players or hosts other alphas and betas. 

If you're a streamer or want to show off Microsoft Flight Simulator to your friends, be aware that everyone needs to sign an NDA that prohibits sharing details, photos, videos or audio recordings of the game. Once Microsoft releases information, you can then share it. 

More details on the technical alpha will be available on September 19, when Microsoft publishes the alpha timeline. Expect to find out when you'll be able to hop into the cockpit then. It should be very soon, though, as the timeline for the second alpha will be posted on October 10, presumably after the first has finished. 

A bunch of new videos and screenshots have also appeared, so head over to Insider Home (opens in new tab) to check them out. 

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