Michael Fassbender looks super serious in these new Assassin's Creed film stills

Work continues apace on the Assassin's Creed film, as evidenced by the half-dozen (plus one) stills that recently appeared on The Playlist. Most of them are fairly standard Hollywood fare: Michael Fassbender, as Aguilar the Assassin, looks stoically into the distance; Michael Fassbender rides a horse; Michael Fassbender draws a bow. But one is not like the others, and may offer a hint about the movie's Big Surprise Twist. 

I have to give credit to GamesRadar for this one, because I'm not enough of an Assassin's Creed fan to have noticed it myself. The last picture in the list features the Assassin standing in what appears to be (“is definitely,” according to Radar) the Templar HQ at Abstergo, where Callum Lynch has been playing with the Animus. Thus, the theory goes, it's not actually Aguilar but Lynch, his descendant, suffering from the “Bleeding Effect” caused by Animus use, and now an Assassin (or at least part-way there) himself. Shenanigans follow, as they tend to in modern action flicks. 

(The trailer released in May also makes it clear that there's some trouble at the Templar henhouse, so it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Lynch go full Assassin at some point.)   

Assassin's Creed hits the big screen on December 21. You may share your countervailing theories about what's going to happen in the comments.

Andy Chalk

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