Metro: Last Light studio 4A Games is teasing something new

Last we heard, Metro: Last Light studio 4A Games confirmed that it was working on a new Metro game, and had also spoken about a story-driven “sandbox-style experience," although it was unclear whether they were one and the same. Either way, there hasn't been much new info about it (or them) since, but that may be about to change. 

The teasing began on September 1, when 4A posted a 360-degree photo on Facebook that looked like a relatively standard shot of the studio, save for the countdown displayed on a large monitor hanging on the wall. It was quickly noticed that the countdown will end at the same time that the Oculus Connect 3 conference is set to begin, and that, coupled with all the Oculus Rift headsets visible in the picture, led quite predictably to the theory that some sort of VR game announcement is in the offing. 

4A hasn't commented on that possibility, but it did throw up a pair of new images yesterday, one on Twitter, and the other on Facebook. Each came with a bad “give you a hand” joke, and they do look rather like hands, the one on Facebook holding a weapon and the one on Twitter grasping something that looks to me more like a joystick or wheel.

Clearly we're not going to get any answers from these images, and I'm not holding my breath on 4A filling in the blanks either. (I asked, because you never know, but my expectations are low.) But I'm actually really excited by the simple signs of something happening at 4A, especially since the timing is right, too: It was three years from Metro 2033 to Metro: Last Light, and it's been a little over three years since Last Light was released. Yes, that's a reach, but when it comes to a new Metro game, I'll connect whatever dots I'm given.

Andy Chalk

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