Metro: Last Light DLC detailed - four packs incoming, first to arrive in June

Most people would be glad to get out of the unrelenting despair of a post-apocalyptic existence. But 4A and Deep Silver are hoping we'll want to jump right back into it, having announced the DLC that will be making its way to Metro: Last Light in the coming months. I suppose it's possible that their content plans include a cheery holiday to the underground equivalent of Blackpool. Although, on second thoughts, that'd be the most harrowing experience to date.

"Artyom's story may have been concluded in Metro: Last Light, but there are other characters with stories to tell, some familiar locations that fans of the Metro series wanted to revisit, and some new challenges that 4A wanted to explore," teases 4A creative director Andrew Prokhorov. "Since completing the game we have been working on these new stories and hope to release them throughout the summer."

Those stories include the Faction Pack and Chronicles Pack, both being single-player content that "expands on the Metro: Last Light universe". In addition, there'll be the Tower Pack, which is billed as a "unique solo challenge to Metro veterans". Perhaps more interesting is the Developer Pack, which 4A cryptically say will "give creative players some interesting tools with which to explore the world of Metro."

As is the way of things now, you can pre-purchase all of the DLC through a Season Pass, giving you a slight discount for the gamble of paying sight unseen for four unknown content packs. Season pass buyers also get an in-game "Abzats". It's a semi-automatic shotgun with an alternate fire mode that fires six shells at once - which sounds like a fine way to completely waste some ammo. Notably Season Pass owners don't seem to get Last Light's other DLC purchase, the Ranger Mode unlock.

The Faction Pack will be up first, and it's due out in June.

Phil Savage

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