Men of War: Assault Squad open beta is go

Men of War assault squad

Men of War may be one of the most generic sounding game names ever devised, but this is a unique and challenging RTS series that blends incredibly detailed troop micromanagement with huge battles spanning entire towns. The latest entry into the series, Assault Squad, is holding an open beta now on Steam, so if you haven't had a chance to try Men of War's intense cocktail of massive tanks, fragile soldiers and extremely questionable voice acting then you're in luck. Read on for the full details.

To get playing simply head to the Men of War: Assault Squad site and sign up. Once you've fed the site your email address it'll spit out a code. Enter this into the 'Activate product' part of Steam and the cyber gods will furnish you with 2 GBs of Men of War beta code. The open beta will let you play the new skirmish mode as one of two factions on a small selections of maps. Up to four people can play at the same time, making for some tense competitive and co-operative action among the completely destructible scenery of Men of War's battlefields. Not sure it's your cup of tea? Why not have a look at the video below.

Tom Senior

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