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Memory of a Broken Dimension: hack into an alienating world of platforming and confusion

Here's your mind-breaking, assumption shaking, hyper-weird free indie game for the day: Memory of a Broken Dimension combines DOS command prompts, landscape exploration, and massive amounts of head scratching confusion into a short web-based preview. On the plus side, it's nowhere near as weird as Nowhere .

The game currently exists in two parts. There's the "Relics" computer terminal - a crackling, glitched DOS-like launcher that blocks your progress to the titular dimension. Successfully activate the deteriorating system and you'll be loaded in to this...

It is, at times, a deeply unpleasant assault of harsh lights, jagged shapes and atonal static. That makes it weirdly compelling - it's so alien and disorientating that your progress is frequently stymied by the need to reassess how the world works.

This latest version of the game was created for last November's Prince of Arcade showcase, with developer XRA noting it's no longer entirely representative of what the full game will be. Play it through the developer's website , or download by following the links in this tweet .

Thanks, Indie Statik .

Phil Savage
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