Mekazoo is a lovely looking animal themed platformer


A frog, a kangaroo and an armadillo walk into a 2.5D platformer.

There isn't a punchline to this, but there is a rather lovely looking game. It's called Mekazoo, and it lets you switch between various "makanimals," each with different skills.

The animals—a frog, kangaroo, armadillo, panda and pelican—are paired up over the course of the game, and at any point you can switch between the two that are active at that time.

It sounds like an interesting premise—taking a Donkey Kong Country style mechanic, but with a more diverse set of skills and across vibrant and acrobatic levels. It look particularly good in motion, as evidenced by this trailer:

Mekazoo is due out late-2015.

Phil Savage

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