MechWarrior Tactics closed beta footage shows loadouts, gameplay

MechWarrior Tactics developer Roadhouse Interactive has released an extensive new video detailing its upcoming BattleTech-inspired turn-based strategy game. Currently in the closed-beta phase of development, the footage offers insight into mech loadouts, gameplay, as well as the free-to-play title's economy.

As one-half of Infinite Game Publishing's assault on the realm of online multiplayer gaming, the other being MechWarrior Online , MechWarrior Tactics shares a similar heritage. But from the new footage it's clear that Roadhouse Interactive is definitely looking to express a distinct vision of what a battle between giant armored BattleMechs should look like. With its own art style, customization options, and user interface, Tactics could offer BattleTech fans an experience very reminiscent of the BattleTech board game.

Gameplay balance within MW Online, often times in relation to the board game or the universe created in the BattleTech novels, is currently a hot topic inside the player community as that title moves through its open beta. I look forward to comparing the experience in MW Tactics as soon as its beta opens to the public.

The video below is hosted by noted MechWarrior enthusiast and No Guts No Galaxy podcaster Phil Langenberg and IGP community manager Niko Snow. The MW Tactics closed beta began in January but you can get immediate access by joining the free-to-play game's Founder program .