Mechwarrior Online enters open beta

There's been a bit of hesitation surrounding the launch of Mechwarrior Online, but it has finally stomped through the closed beta process and wheezed into the sunlight of open beta. The move to open beta represents the last data wipe for beleaguered closed beta pilots that have levelled up stunning war machines time and time again, only to have them vanish with the arrival of another big update.

Good news for them, then, but better news for everyone else. Anyone who fancies jumping into the cockpit can sign up for an account on the MechWarrior Online site

"Just because MWO is going Open Beta in no way means we are finished making the game or that we will even slowdown in the slightest. We already have nine months of work lined up in front of us and frankly there is no end to the work in sight," writes Piranha Games president Russ Bullock in his open beta celebration post . The team hope the open beta will deliver the player numbers that Piranha need to "take the next step in our player base to be able to stress and then take these systems to the next level."

Tom Senior

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