MechWarrior Online March content plan includes largest map yet, more keybinds, "dynamic hanging items"

MechWarrior Online

Piranha has outlined the upcoming March updates for MechWarrior Online, which will include usability improvements and new items for players to tinker with while dancing the mech-on-mech ballet. The coming weeks bring, among other features, one-use modules, an expanded set of piloting controls, and dangly accessories for your cockpit such as fuzzy dice.

The shiny consumables slot into your mech's module bays after you acquire them using C-Bills or Mech Credits. You'll access temporary buffs such as an instant partial heat dump for all your weapons or artillery and air strikes to tip a battle's odds.

The new Tourmaline Desert map is a suitable testing ground for your consumables, as Piranha says it's the largest map for the game so far—expect huge sightlines and sporadic cover to keep engagements fluid, a layout theme continued from the previous non-urban Alpine Peaks map.

Lastly, advanced mech-drivers can look forward to a few more control keybinds, including "throttle decay (gas pedal vs. set throttle), arm lock to torso, set point throttle (10-100% throttle values in 10% increments), face torso, and joystick analog turning." I think I'll stick with my "stop," "go," and "spin around in circles" keys.

You can find the rest of Piranha's plans for MechWarrior March madness on its official website .

Omri Petitte

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